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** All calls are $2.00/min, $2.50 connection fee, 10 minute minimum, Billed as Sonefex Inc. **
All major Cc's, gift cards, pre-paid cards Accepted.
* We do not bill calls to the phone, sorry *

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2 Girl Tuesday's Mature Phone Sex Special!

Get 2 Women! 15 min for only $40 (save $20!!)

What kind of phone sex fantasy are we in the mood for? A Mommy-Son sex fantasy perhaps? Mommy can seduce you with her womanly ways and make you cum HARD!

Are you staring at me right now? It's okay, keep on staring -- you have no idea how much it turns me on when you look at me like that. When I get turned on, my nipples swell and my pussy gets very, very wet. Oh baby, you turn me on sooo much!

You don't mind if I rub my pussy while we talk on the phone, do you? I roleplay all phone sex fantasies, ANYTHING GOES! Whether you are looking for that hot MILF, mature older woman, naughty neighbor or a Mommy for phone sex -- Call me, and we will cum together!

Mommy Marilynn

If you want to have phone sex with me, and are having trouble reaching me on the phone, I may already be on another phone sex call. If you call and the line is busy OR rings and rings, wait about 15 minutes, then try calling me again. If I still don't answer, then consider calling me for phone sex at a later time or the following day.

P.S. Best time to usually reach me is 10am - 1:30pm PST or more often after 10pm at night!

First Time Calling? BUY any call, and you get 5 additional minutes free!

1-800-810-3693 ($2/min)




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