Phone Sex Faqs

I wanted to answer some questions that I often get asked by callers.

1) Do I have to pay with a credit card?

Answer: We take credit cards, and pre-paid debit/credit gift cards” as well as money orders. If you are paying with a money order, you must wait until our office receives the funds prior to you making a call. Gift card phone sex is SO much easier if you do not have a credit card.

2) Is it ever possible for us to meet in person?

Answer: NO, it is not possible for a few reasons. One, it is against company policy due to safety reasons, Two, because I am married and happy in my relationship, and phone sex is something my husband has agreed to let me do without any issues. Meeting people off the internet is NOT something he would approve of, so please do not ask.

3) Do you have phone sex specials on?

Answer: I have specials for those who wish to partake in longer calls. The longer you talk for, the less per minute it will cost you. If you send in a money order, you can talk to me for up to 8 hrs. With a credit card, you are limited to 1 hr per day to start, then if you wish, you can get verified for V.I.P status and be able to do longer calls by simply filling out a limits form allowing us to make larger withdrawls from your credit card.

* 30 minutes = $50.00 (save $10)
* 60 minutes = $100.00 (save $20)
* 90 minutes = $150.00 (save $30)
* 120 minutes = $200.00 (save $40)

4) What types of calls do you do Marilynn?

Answer: I do all types of calls, as I do not have any taboos, nor do the girls I work with. You can talk to just me, or if you wish, I can arrange to have more girls join us for an extra fee. Single girl calls are $2.00 per minute, Two girl calls are $4.00 per minute, Three girl calls are $6.00 per minute… and so on. I get asked if I have a specialty… not really, although I do a lot of mature older woman, milf and mommy calls. That can also stem out to other things such as naughty neighbor, best friends mom, auntie and others. Whatever your fantasy, I am sure I can come up with something to satisfy us both.

5) Do you have toys to play with?

Answer: Oh yessss, I most certainly do! Just tell me what you wish me to have when you call, and I will happily use them 😉

6) Where do you do your calls from?

Answer: Usually from home in the state of California… I have a private den/office in my home that I use. Sometimes, you might call and I could be on the cordless phone outside in my yard, or relaxing in the tub… anywhere around the house really 😉

Phone Mommy Marilynn!

Hey everyone… this is my first post here on my NEW Phone Sex Blog! I just love wordpress — best of all, I can talk as dirty, nasty and kinky as I want. This phone sex blog will contain some photos from the xxx photo shoots (when I have the money to have new ones taken) that I attend, in addition to comments, jokes and entries with my own personal touch of humor. I can be funny when I want to be 😉

Stay tuned for phone sex specials and updated blog posts on this phone sex blog. To learn more about how to call me, and my phone sex rates, visit my website @

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